Once you get the spot. drawing for once you get the spot.

I hear congratulations are in order. You’ve got the spot you wanted! I bet what you are feeling right now is excitement, and you want to be there already, trying to be almost native. Well, I am sorry to tell you that it ain’t that easy. But hey, don’t you worry. The most difficult part has already been done.

Find your coordinator.

Your home University must have a person, usually one of your professors, designated to take care of every exchange program related to the mayor you are currently studying. Find out who that person is, and get in contact with them. I am 99% sure that their email is on your University’s website, more or less easy to find.

Tell them that you have been granted the spot to study as an exchange student in your Host University, and you would like some guidance about what steps you are going to have to take next.

Asking is not a bad thing. Remember this through the whole process, because you are going to need it. That person, and another one in your host University, have been chosen to help you. Is their job, so you don’t have to worry about annoying them, or not getting a response. If they are professional enough, you shouldn’t have any problems with that.

Research, research, research.

Yep. Three times. I bet you now think it’s really important. And it is. Once you get the spot, a link to the host University’s website should appear in your admission list to the exchange program. For example, NYU University has this website.

They are supposed to have everything you need to know about their exchange programs. Maybe their layout is a bit intricate, and you have to take a lot of notes that later one will prove useless, but that’s ok. Take them anyways.

I have a lot of spreads in my bullet journal dedicated to my research on my host University. I know everything I should about arriving, orientation week, accommodation, courses I can choose from, the application process… And don’t worry, I am going to talk about everything on future posts, but every University is different, so doing your own research is key to having little to no issues once you get there.

Orientation gathers.

Your home University, the one you are currently at, is most likely going to organize “lectures” where an IR employee will give you all the information you need to know about how your University handles exchange programs. Their deadlines, the documents they need and how to create the Learning Agreement through the Online Campus.

A Learning Agreement post will be coming soon, but despite what I have to tell you you should attend this gatherings, because (again) each Uni is different, and I don’t have universal truth.

Congratulations again, and see you soon with my next post.

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